Shahada (1): there is no god or deity except Allah

Executive Summary


This is a translation of chapter 6 from Part 1 (The Foundations of Deen and its Fundamental Maxims) of Kitāb at-Tawḥeed: A’sās al-Islām wa Ḥaqeeqat-at-Tawḥeed, by Professor Muḥammad bin Abdallah al-Mas’ari.

It unpicks the precise meaning behind the first portion of the testimony of faith, ash-Shahāda, that there is no god or deity except Allah.  Examining why the testimony of faith begins with a negation (there is no god/deity) before an affirmation (except Allah), is spelt out, together with attributes of divinity that are implied.

Tawheed-Part-1-ch6-Feb17.pdf (338 downloads)


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