Justice is a fortress

 Justice is a fortress in which all who are frightened take refuge. In fact, if a tyrant feels oppressed, does he not call for justice and scorn and condemn injustice? But you never see the...

The Sufficient Tract

Introduction For those actively looking to reinvigorate Islamic discourse, the works of Ibn Ḥazm (d. 1064 CE) are invaluable.  The approach that he takes cannot be characterised as representing a madhab (legal school of thought)...

The Historic Reality of Paganism in Arabia

Introduction Reconstructing the precise reality of the paganism as it existed in Arabia is a complicated task.  What were its essential features?  What exactly did the pagan Arabs actually believe about God, the afterlife, the...


  The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him forewarned us that the era prior to the advent of the Dajjāl would be characterised by years of deception and treachery.  This is exemplified by...

miniture model of king solomons temple


Belief in Prophethood is one of the central tenets of the Islamic faith (al-‘Imān) and there are many facets to […]

image of poseidon emerging from the sea

Atlantis: Arise

Stories have the power to grip the imagination.  Uniquely mankind has been gifted in this regard.  The truly enduring stories […]