miniture model of king solomons temple

Belief in Prophethood is one of the central tenets of the Islamic faith (al-‘Imān) and there are many facets to this.  At its root though, is the idea that revelation and guidance sent from Allah is conveyed via the medium of human beings.  Prophethood is carried by mortals; no Prophet or Messenger of Allah is regarded as being divine, semi-divine or angelic.  In Islam to believe so, would in fact

What was the reality of polytheism (Shirk) for the nation of Lot?

[The title image is a depiction of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by the dramatic artist John Martin (1789-1854)] Executive Summary   Many people are of the view that the idea of ‘worshipping Allah’, cannot be understood as being anything other than undertaking a set limited number of rituals.  Others maintain that monotheism (Tawḥeed) and polytheism (Shirk) solely concern graves, amulets, pictures and wizardry. Yet the truth of the matter