Hadith criticism

Q&A Judgement in Yemen?

Question At last Friday prayer, the Imām discussed at length a ḥadith from the companion Mu’ādth ibn Jabal, when he was sent to Yemen and his discussion with the Prophet peace be upon him regarding how to judge cases.  Is there any value in this narration?  Is it authentically established? Answer The narration is quite well known and appears in several of the Sunan and Musnad collections of aḥādith.  It

Medicine Men

Introduction ‘Anyone who practices medicine but is not known as a practitioner, and injures a person or inflicts harm on him, will be held liable.’  This statement, purportedly referred to as a Prophetic ḥadith has been circulated widely of late.  Several have asked about where it has been reported as well as its authenticity.  Against the backdrop of society becoming one of an increasing medical tyranny, it is not a