What was the reality of polytheism (Shirk) for the nation of Lot?

[The title image is a depiction of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by the dramatic artist John Martin (1789-1854)] Executive Summary   Many people are of the view that the idea of ‘worshipping Allah’, cannot be understood as being anything other than undertaking a set limited number of rituals.  Others maintain that monotheism (Tawḥeed) and polytheism (Shirk) solely concern graves, amulets, pictures and wizardry. Yet the truth of the matter

Tawheed: Recognition & Worship

Executive Summary   The very essence of Islam is the testimony that there is no god or deity except Allah and that the Prophet Muḥammad (peace and blessings be upon him and his family) is the Messenger of Allah.  It is the root of faith (al-‘Imān) from which other branches are built upon. There is no pantheon of gods and goddesses; there are no demi-gods, semi-divine beings and there is

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Executive Summary   Presented for the first time in English is a translated short-selection of issues from the book of monotheism (Kitāb ut-Tawḥeed) by Ibn Ḥazm.   The book of monotheism comprises book one of his magnum opus: Al-Muḥalla bil’Athār (The Adorned Treatise) and covers a total of ninety-one issues (Mas’āil). It is our intention to add to the number presented here, once the translation has been completed.  A summarised list