The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him forewarned us that the era prior to the advent of the Dajjāl would be characterised by years of deception and treachery.  This is exemplified by the alliances which are often made with the enemies of Islam, bringing the topic of allegiance to the fore.  To provide cover and justify the crimes of modern-day dictatorships, some have bizarrely argued that the

But 'the' Scholars have said

As much as some may behave to the contrary, there is no priestly or rabbinical order that is textually sanctioned in Islam.  The Qur’ānic text is replete with examples of censure given to the previous nations that descended into an abyss through their scholarship [e.g. 5: 44, 63; 9: 31, 34].  Whether that was altering the rulings for a miserly price, to taking the diktats of the priestly order above