image of poseidon emerging from the sea

Stories have the power to grip the imagination.  Uniquely mankind has been gifted in this regard.  The truly enduring stories or tales are those that are unhindered by the onset of time, often becoming readily familiar as part of popular culture. Perhaps it is an essential feature of the human psyche that tales of long ago can often deeply resonate within us, especially when they deal with elements of the

The 'Dhikr' is Protected

Executive Summary   How do we know that the revelation that has reached us has been protected?  Does that protection only extend to the Qur’ānic text?  If it does, then what of the Prophetic Sunnah?  Is that not revelation also? Understanding how the revelation has been protected is a fundamental issue that one cannot be ignorant of.  Especially since this core issue fits into the wider matter of understanding and applying