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Executive Summary Following the posting of the article, ‘There is no king but Allah,’ a series of five-questions were submitted in response.  The questions have sought to challenge a large number of findings that were presented. As received, the questions were as follows: Allah mentions kings and kingship in the Qur’an in a positive way, saying it is a Ni’mah or a divine favour [5: 20] In reply to your

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Executive Summary   P resented here is a short translated excerpt entitled ‘There is no king but Allah’.  This is taken from chapter six (Significant issues concerning Ruling in Islam) from the book entitled Ḥakimiyah & the Sovereignty of Sharī’ah by Professor al-Mas’ari.  There is a substantial number of evidences from the Prophetic Sunnah that discuss matters pertaining to kingship/monarchy, ruling, and the political trajectory of the Muslim Ummah. The