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The Battle of India (Ghazwat-ul-Hind)

Introduction   Prophecies relating to the coming of the final hour, have a powerful propensity to capture the imagination.  None more so than those which appear in our tradition, the final revelation sent to mankind.  Indeed, it can cogently be argued that in our present era we have borne witness to some of them: whether that be the Arabs competing in the construction of tall buildings, the lady which is

Reporting lines

  Amidst some recent discussions relating to the traditions upon Ṭā’un (plague, contagion), there is one that raises a niche question regarding the isnād – or channel of transmission.  Out of the six commonly known books of ḥadith, only Ibn Mājah cites this in his collection of Sunan, with ‘Aṭā ibn Abi Rabāḥ narrating upon the authority of Abdullah ibn Umar: حدثنا محمود بن خالد الدمشقي حدثنا سليمان بن عبد