hadith analysis

The Magician

Introduction   A morbid fascination with the occult doesn’t seem to be limited to a particular society or civilisation.  For some sections of the Muslim Ummah, the ‘supernatural’ occupies a place quite centre stage, at times with a perception that the ills of society are at root caused by the presence and activities of those practising Siḥr – magic.  Consequently, the view often regurgitated is that the practitioners of magic

Q&A: Knowledge to show off and argue?

  Question   This narration is being circulated via a messaging group, and I wanted to know what is the status regarding its authenticity: ‘Ibn Umar narrated from the Prophet peace be upon him that he said: Whoever seeks knowledge to argue with the foolish, or to show off before the scholars, or to attract people’s attention, will be in hell.’ [Ibn Mājah] Answer There are several Prophetic traditions (aḥādith)