End of days

The Battle of India (Ghazwat-ul-Hind)

Introduction   Prophecies relating to the coming of the final hour, have a powerful propensity to capture the imagination.  None more so than those which appear in our tradition, the final revelation sent to mankind.  Indeed, it can cogently be argued that in our present era we have borne witness to some of them: whether that be the Arabs competing in the construction of tall buildings, the lady which is

Thus spoke Ruwaybidah?

  Are we witnessing one of the portents relating to the final hour? The aḥādith of the ‘Ruwaybiḍah’ is often mentioned in various contexts and has been feature of traditional Islamic works of ‘Fitan,’ relating to signs before the day of judgment, including before the arrival of the cursed false ‘messiah’ – the Dajjāl. Textually, the traditions do not relate to a legal topic. As such, when cited they are