Attendance at Friday prayers

Introduction With several mosques, particularly in London, closing their doors despite any government injunction to do so, several questions have been raised about the viability of convening Friday congregational prayers, Jummah, in other locations.  Many have also reluctantly now begun to acknowledge that the various restrictions imposed by government, legal and advisory, are not going to be rescinded any time soon.  Indeed, ministers and paid government ‘scientists’ have consistently stated

Dog days are over?

Introduction The article presented here is an adaptation of Appendices 3 and 4 from the major study entitled ‘Permissibility or Impermissibility of Foods: A ruling application for guidance concerning the permissibility or impermissibility of foods where they contain alcohol and / or animal products,’ by Professor Muḥammad ibn Abdullah al-Mas’ari.  That study was originally undertaken for a major pharmaceutical company and its unique research findings run to several hundred pages

A Ruling on Music & Chess

There are issues of contention that tend to invoke some quite unusual or even polarising responses.  Music and chess are of this category.  Often there tends to be quite a skewed approach to such issues, particularly that of music.  Opinion tends to oscillate at times between the unusual and the bizarre.  There are those which approach an issue like this with a dismissive attitude.  Largely because in their view, it

sunrise over a silhouette of the mountains

Executive Summary   Presented for the first time in English is a translated short-selection of issues from the book of monotheism (Kitāb ut-Tawḥeed) by Ibn Ḥazm.   The book of monotheism comprises book one of his magnum opus: Al-Muḥalla bil’Athār (The Adorned Treatise) and covers a total of ninety-one issues (Mas’āil). It is our intention to add to the number presented here, once the translation has been completed.  A summarised list

Excerpts from the Book of prayer (Al-Muḥalla bil’Athār) by Ibn Hazm

Executive Summary   Presented for the first time in English is a translated selection of sixteen-issues from the book of prayer (Kitāb as-Ṣalāh) by Ibn Ḥazm.  The book of prayer appears in the fourth part of his magnum opus: Al-Muḥalla bil’Athār (The Adorned Treatise). Although not part of the original text, we have included some accompanying footnotes.  These provide additional referencing for the cited Qur’ānic verses and ḥadith, as well