Pillars of Islam

Reminders from the Farewell Pilgrimage

The days of Dhul-Ḥijjah are blessed days, culminating in the day of ‘Arafah, followed by Eid ul-Adha.  On the day of ‘Arafah it is worth reminding ourselves of what the Prophet Muḥammad (peace be upon him) mentioned this very day, which was also the day of his farewell pilgrimage.  While the contents of the sermon he (peace be upon him) gave at the farewell pilgrimage are oft-repeated, how often is


Common parlance has that there are but five pillars of Islam: the testimony of faith, establishing the prayer, paying the obligatory charity, fasting in the month of Ramaḍān and making the pilgrimage.  The famous traditions carrying that wording are reported in almost all notable collections of ḥadith. When it comes to the citation, usually it is the narrations reported on the authority of Ibn Umar, son of Umar bin al-Khaṭṭāb (may

The Grades of Deen: Islam, 'Imān and Iḥsān

Executive Summary    Presented here is a translated chapter from Volume 1 of Kitāb ut-Tawḥeed by Professor Muḥammad ibn Abdallah al-Mas’ari. The specific arrangement or ordering of words: ‘Islam, ‘Imān and Iḥsān’ is taken from the famous authentic ḥadith of the angel Jibreel (Gabriel).  In this  ḥadith  he approached the Prophet (peace be upon him) during a public gathering and asked a series of questions.  After asking each question, he affirmed the