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Thus spoke Ruwaybidah?

  Are we witnessing one of the portents relating to the final hour? The aḥādith of the ‘Ruwaybiḍah’ is often mentioned in various contexts and has been feature of traditional Islamic works of ‘Fitan,’ relating to signs before the day of judgment, including before the arrival of the cursed false ‘messiah’ – the Dajjāl. Textually, the traditions do not relate to a legal topic. As such, when cited they are

Widows (part 1)

Introduction Death is the ultimate fate of every soul.  Whether death comes from illness or suddenly and unexpected, it is the inevitable consequence of living.  As Allah the Exalted has clearly explained to us: ‘Every soul will taste death and you will be paid in full only on the Day of Resurrection’ [Qur’ān, 3: 185]. Questions often arise regarding what the waiting period (‘iddah), entails for a lady following the

Abandoning the Sunnah

  Following the mass deprivation of liberty enacted by the government in March 2020, places of congregational worship including mosques have been closed.  As some of the broader draconian restrictions are beginning to slightly ease, a notable question has arisen concerning the manner in which government ministers will ‘allow’ places of worship to open.  Within the order of priorities, religious establishments are considered in the eyes of decision makers to


  Our essential characteristics are not defined by the things we have no control over, but rather the things which we do.   Devoid of all worldly distractions, each mature person of sound mind living on this vast planet will readily acknowledge that the land in which we are born, the colour of our skin, the people we originate from or are attributed to, are areas that are not within


  ‘May you live in interesting times’ Supposedly originating as a curse in Chinese, though used more colloquially as an expression in English – ‘May you live in interesting times,’ appears to be quite an apt descriptive phrase to chart the course of current events.  Perhaps more so than usual, it carries with it an even bitter sense of irony. Globally, the Coronavirus, or rather the specific strain called Covid-19,