Selected issues from: Kitab al-Tawheed by Ibn Hazm

Executive Summary


Ali ibn Aḥmad ibn Sa’eed ibn Ḥazm, Abu Muḥammad, that is Ibn Ḥazm, was born in Cordoba, Spain.  His own lifespan (born 994 CE, died 1064 CE) covered a period of Islamic rule in Spain often characterised by political turbulence, but also regarded as being a golden age of Islamic civilization in Europe.  A true polymath, the breadth of Ibn Ḥazm’s works and overall contribution to knowledge is quite exceptional: not only spanning the full range of the Islamic sciences, but also including philosophy, ethics, literature, poetry and being credited with pioneering what has become the study of comparative religion.  Ibn Ḥazm’s contribution to the rich tapestry of Islamic thought ranks no less to that of other famous polymaths like al-Ghazāli and Ibn Taymiyyah.

Presented here, is the second-version of book one from Kitāb al-Taweed – the book of monotheism, which is the opening book from Ibn Ḥazm’s magnum opus of fiqh (jurisprudence), al-Muḥalla bil’Athār.  The previous first-edition was limited to 15 ‘Masā’il’ (issues or enquiries), which is now expanded to 47.  It is our intention to add to the number presented that has been translated here, eventually to complete this entire book.  Although not part of the original text, we have included some accompanying footnotes, together with additional commentary, where required.  Similar occurs for the issue headings, which are not always strictly delineated in the original text.  For the sake of consistency, we have used one translation of the Qur’ān, that produced by Professor M Abdel Haleem.

The commentary is provided by Professor Muḥammad al-Mas’ari, which was given during a series of lectures some years ago.  Most, if not all of the items covered are relatively straightforward, some of greater length than others. Ibn Ḥazm in his inimitable style, provides detailed evidences from the book and Sunnah to substantiate the issues under consideration.

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