Selected excerpts from: Kitab ut-Tawheed by Ibn Hazm

Executive Summary


Presented for the first time in English is a translated short-selection of issues from the book of monotheism (Kitāb ut-Tawḥeed) by Ibn Ḥazm.  

The book of monotheism comprises book one of his magnum opus: Al-Muḥalla bil’Athār (The Adorned Treatise) and covers a total of ninety-one issues (Mas’āil).

It is our intention to add to the number presented here, once the translation has been completed.  A summarised list of the issues presented is enclosed below for ease of reference, but is also included within the document as a separate contents page.

Although not part of the original text, we have included some accompanying footnotes, together with additional commentary, where required.  The commentary is provided by Professor al-Mas’ari, as this book was covered in a series of lectures some years ago.

Most, if not all of the items covered are straightforward; some of greater length than others. Ibn Ḥazm in his inimitable style, provides detailed evidences from the book and Sunnah to substantiate the issues under consideration.

List of Mas’āil covered:

  1. M14: Al-Jannah is truth, created for the Mu’mineen
  2. M15: The fire is truth, a reality
  3. M16: Entry to the fire by the believers who are deficient in good deeds
  4. M30: The Ṣirāṭ (bridge over hellfire) is truth and is the route over hell
  5. M33: The intercession of the Prophet for the people of major sins
  6. M79: Whoever neglects all deeds
  7. M80: Certainty cannot be in ranks
  8. M81: Disobedience, major sins, indecency, disadvantages of minor sins
  9. M82: Not avoiding the major sins (kabā’ir)
  10. M83: Those whose misdeeds are heavier than the good deeds
  11. M84: The issue of people in paradise according to their rank before Allah
  12. M85: Ranks of People in Paradise
  13. M88: Repenting from Kufr, Zina; the acts of the people of Luṭ and alcohol
  14. M90: Prophecy is Revelation
  15. M91: The belief that Iblees is alive


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