The ‘Dhikr’ is Protected

The 'Dhikr' is Protected

Executive Summary


How do we know that the revelation that has reached us has been protected?  Does that protection only extend to the Qur’ānic text?  If it does, then what of the Prophetic Sunnah?  Is that not revelation also?

Understanding how the revelation has been protected is a fundamental issue that one cannot be ignorant of.  Especially since this core issue fits into the wider matter of understanding and applying the law correctly.

To address these questions and others, we present here is a translation of chapter 19 from Part 2 (The Foundations of Deen and its Fundamental Maxims) of Kitāb at-Tawḥeed by Professor Muḥammad bin Abdallah al-Mas’ari.  The entire book, Kitāb at-Tawḥeed, exhaustively sets out the decisive proofs demonstrating that Allah has undertaken to protect the Dhikr in its entirety.

Whilst we often hear of the proofs relating to the Qur’ānic texts, the Prophetic Sunnah often gets left out of the discussion.   Yet the Prophetic Sunnah is revelation and a proof just as the Qur’ān is.  Indeed, the Sunnah is more voluminous than the Qur’ān, often carrying greater clarification and explanation.

By necessity and induction, we know that the noble Prophetic Sunnah is testified to by the Qur’ān itself and it provides a greater detailed exposition of many rulings as well providing specification upon matters which are general, absolute and qualified.

Keeping everything protected and preserved is commensurate with its given nature.  The chapter 19 sets out precisely how the Dhikr is protected.

Tawheed-Dhikr-is-Protected.pdf (85 downloads)

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