The 'Dhikr' is Protected

Executive Summary   How do we know that the revelation that has reached us has been protected?  Does that protection only extend to the Qur’ānic text?  If it does, then what of the Prophetic Sunnah?  Is that not revelation also? Understanding how the revelation has been protected is a fundamental issue that one cannot be ignorant of.  Especially since this core issue fits into the wider matter of understanding and applying

The Sunnah: a source of law

Executive Summary   What is the legal status of the Prophetic Sunnah?  In the modern age, many both within and outside the Muslim world have sought to question the nature of the Prophetic Sunnah.  Whether that has been by arguing that as a corpus it isn’t authentic or reliable, to others that have rejected it in totality. Presented here is a translation of chapter 11 from Part 2 (The Foundations of Deen and

How was the Sunnah recorded and documented?

Executive Summary    How was the Prophetic Sunnah recorded and documented?  Was it only an oral tradition, with no written record?  Was it only documented hundreds of years after the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) departure from this world? It is unfortunate that many are still unaware of the actual answers to these important questions.  In order to help address this, we have translated chapter 20 from Part 2 (The