Are women obliged to keep long hair?

Question: I’ve been asked this question and I want to raise it here for it to be answered if possible: are women obliged to keep long hair?   Is it not allowed for a woman to cut her hair?  Some have said that one points of reasoning behind this is, is that it would cover their awra’ on the day of judgement. Answer:  No on both counts. Reasoning: The cited reasoning

Fasting on Saturday, 'Ashurā

Question: Saturday is the day of ‘Ashurā.  Some are saying that we shouldn’t fast that day because it is a Saturday and it is not allowed for us to do so.  Is this correct? Answer: Fasting on the day of ‘Ashurā is a recommended fast.  The reported aḥādith which are often alluded to are in reference to singling out Saturday as a day for fasting.  Several scholars have disagreed though

people in eminono in turkey sitting around the square

Evidence prohibiting men and women mixing?   Recently we were sent a copy of an article entitled: ‘No. 1200: Evidence Prohibiting of Mixing of Men and Women,’ written by Muḥammed Ṣāliḥ al-Munājjid.  The article is published and available online.  We have been asked to review and critically evaluate this answer, paying particular attention to: a) the subject and terms being employed; and more importantly, b) the evidences, textual or otherwise,

ringer made out of iron

Question   Is it correct that it is not allowed for a woman to wear rings / jewellery made from other than gold and / or silver?   I have seen this mentioned in the following links and would like to know whether this is soundly established: Answer There doesn’t appear to be sound evidence from the book and the Sunnah to establish a prohibition specifically relating to

Dead men tell no tales

Question   The origin and root of shirk (polytheism) is because of the veneration of pious men.  That is established by several authentic narrations.  Why is it that you say otherwise? Answer   The narrations that are often alluded to when making this argument are a) not authentic, and b) not derived from revelation (waḥy).  The weight of overall evidence does not support the proposition you make.  Neither does this